What Is Web 1.0?

Posted on December 21, 2022 By Fit&Beat

What Is Web 1.0?

Basically, this first version of the Web consisted of a few people creating web pages and content and web pages for a large group of readers, allowing them to access facts, information, and content from the sources. 

Or you can sum up Web 1.0 like this: it was designed to help people better find information. This web version dealt was dedicated to users searching for data. This web version is sometimes called “the read-only Web” because it lacks the necessary forms, visuals, controls, and interactivity we enjoy on today’s Internet.

People use the term “Web 1.0” to describe the earliest form of the Internet. Users saw the first example of a worldwide network that hinted at future digital communication and information-sharing potential.

 Here are a few characteristics found in Web 1.0:

·         It’s made up of static pages connected to a system via hyperlinks

·         It has HTML 3.2 elements like frames and tables

·         HTML forms get sent through e-mail

·         The content comes from the server's filesystem, not a relational database management system

 Take a real-world dictionary, digitize everything in it, and make it accessible to people online to look at (but not be able to react to it). Boom. That’s Web 1.0

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