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What is “train to earn” & how it can benefit your life?

Posted on April 29, 2022 By Fit&Beat
Technology has gone through an evolution phase and hence has changed our living style significantly. In today’s era, most people prefer using the latest technologically advanced gadgets to perform their daily life activities. The drastic improvements in the world of technology have undoubtedly made life more convenient and enjoyable. Surely, you must have observed that the latest technological innovations have brought comfort to not only our standard of living but also in the ways we carry out business routine tasks.

We all accept the beneficial role of technology in our lives. The modern-day lifestyle has completely changed as now you can shop online from the convenience of your home, browse through the internet to conduct all kinds of research, interact with your dear ones from a long distance, and watch the top-quality movies and content while staying in your bed.
This all sounds nice and clear but in reality, many people spend their health gaining wealth and then must spend their wealth to regain their health.

You start to work young and you feel awesome, but you have no money. So you sit at the desk every day at work for eight to ten hours and with time the physical consequences on the body do come. Troubles with your back, shoulders, etc. And then when you finally get some money you want to do some things for fun like outdoor sports etc. But your body says “no you were sitting at the desk a few years”. Life is cruel. You can’t do anything fun when you feel great, but then when you can finally save some money and have money work your up the pyramid scheme that is life, you don’t feel that great anymore. And that’s the modern working system we live in.
Now imagine you can turn all that around and train whenever and wherever you want and be paid for it. That’s the possibility that the new crypto category enables you. And how motivated are you gonna be? Probably more than ever. In other words; many of us know the importance of keeping fit, but, unfortunately, that knowledge has nothing to help us stay consistent in our fitness journey. Perhaps if there were fitness apps that’d reward us with incentives, say crypto coins, for exercising, many of us would jump at the idea.

Train to earn projects are new projects that blockchain technology allows to exist and evolve.
Blockchain game Axie Infinity with his play-to-earn phenomenon established last summer motivated other teams for new ideas and train-to-earn was born.

In the middle of the development of blockchain technology and the massive growth of decentralized applications, a disruptive ecosystem is emerging and bringing new users with practically zero knowledge about crypto into it. These applications have the potential to improve and even replace their centralized counterparts in the fields of finance, entertainment, social media, gaming, and training.

It will be very interesting to see the development of this growing industry in the crypto space as more and more applications are being created on top of blockchain technology, making it more competitive to develop the one that is fun, entertaining, and also gives people the option to earn an income out of it. The power of blockchain applications is that they’re becoming more than applications. They’re becoming places where we can live, work, and train. The eventual vision is to create a Metaverse where people spend the majority of their time.

Teams who build those applications believe in a future where work and training become one. And they believe in empowering their athletes and giving them economic opportunities.
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