HAPPY 1st B-day to us!

Posted on October 18, 2022 By Fit&Beat
HAPPY 1st B-day to us!

Today we celebrate our project’s first year of existence, which saw us go from the amazing start, straight into the harshest crypto winter ever, from all-time highs to very stressful lows.

It certainly was a »rookie« year to remember, a true rollercoaster as they say. Here is a brief recap of what our project went through:
  • We gathered a super-team of 10 people, enthusiasts, believers, grinders, and professionals & put a plan in motion.
  • On the 18th of Oct. ’21 listed on our first CEX @Bitmart_exchange and soon after made an ATH with $FTB token (5x) from the launch price. Yup, we were flying high at the time – little did we know what to expect.
  • Built a strong community and onboarded global ambassadors that share our story through their networks of followers. Forever grateful!
  • During this time found 9 amazing partners & invited them to build with us, and become a part of our global movement – can't do it alone, we know it.
  • Went all in on the Metaverse and app development, just to find ourselves in the gutters of it all. Token fell to 0.02, lost half the team and still delivered a »bridge« for cross-chain swap in order to facilitate the adoption of FTB in #defi protocols and DEX's.
  • We temporarily paused all the development, started to negotiate with a VC fund & went silent for almost 4 months – the bloodiest months in our careers.
  • Landed a $25 million investment from GEM Digital Limited just recently & secured the future of this project, added legitimacy & proved a lot of people wrong along the way (sorry, not sorry!)
  • Now reshaped, adding new people, doing everything to shift our speed into 8th gear (disclaimer: we watch F1) & deliver the first app version! Probably will do some brand refreshing, a new web page, and list additional CEX's (YES!), you know, just to keep it fun But the #move2earn app is our top priority RN.

Now that we gave you a glimpse of how our year looked like and what to expect from us in the coming months, would you say we are on to something here?

This year has taught us a lot, showed us around, lifted us up, and brought us down, it wasn't easy for either of us. Yet, here we are, stronger than ever and with enough »power« to make 2023 a memorable one. Welcome to stick around, it would mean a lot to us.

Fit&beat team.

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