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Future of advanced technologies

Posted on May 19, 2022 By Fit&Beat
In this article, we are gonna zoom out. Not zoom out on charts but zoom out on the evolution of advanced technologies. Out from cryptocurrencies. Dealing with advanced technology like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence requires zooming out at times. There are a lot of people having huge emotional swings with short-time price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. That becomes irrelevant if you zoom out and make just a little research on the revolutionary technology behind those assets.

Times are interesting and they will become even more interesting because we’ll get brain plugins and we’ll fuse our minds with AI (artificial intelligence) and get a trillion times human intelligence. We cannot truly predict the future in detail, but we can analyze the current picture.
All advanced technologies in their early stages are brutally abused by human beings. What are the most advanced technologies on planet Earth used for now? It’s selling, spying, gambling, and killing. Or in other words advertising, surveillance, military, and stock market trading. Every minute of your life influencers is selling you information to manipulate you into doing certain things. In the long term that abuse transforms into more positive areas like education, child care, elder care, scientific research, mental health, counseling, decision support for governments, etc.

There are different emotional mindsets with advanced technologies like AI: In Asia, the predominant feeling and assumption is that AI’s will be friends of humans and will help humans. In the USA the prevailing vibe is often more paranoid like “oh the AI’s are going to kill everyone, they’re going left people rummaging in the garbages”. Both of those are not rational extrapolations of technology to the future — it’s just different emotional mindsets. The same is happening with blockchain technology!

There is an information theory problem -> Something with an IQ of 200 is not going to be able to predict what happens when you create something with an IQ of 200000. When you’re dealing with the radical unknown, you can find that exciting or you could find it frightening, maybe you could find it both. But is still gonna be irreducibly uncertain. I am combining AI with blockchain here cause in the future AI’s are gonna write smart contracts. Also, governments are gonna wait that AI confirms their decisions, etc.

What’s the main thing we use computer technology for? it’s to constantly SMSing each other and video chatting back and forth and blogging. Once you will have a brain implant that lets you fought SMSing, every 12-year-old schoolchild will be thought SMSing each other all the time while they sit in school. Cause human beings take all the opportunities to join together into a sort of a greater group. You will be able to make copies of yourselves and let that different copies evolve in different directions and some of them may blend with other ones. It’s gonna seem insane to us 30–40 years from now that we were not available to make backup copies of ourselves.

Technological singularity is defined as a point when the rate of technology advance is so fast that from a human point of view it appears infinite. AI in a global brain network will be making new Nobel prize-level discoveries every five seconds. And you will be able to connect to that network. Intelligence is the ability to solve problems/adapting to a new environment. Consciousness is the ability to feel things such as pain, joy, love, and anger. We tend to confuse the two because human and other mammals’ intelligence goes hand in hand with consciousness. Today we live in a world where the economic system pressures us to expand and diversify our investment portfolio, but it gives us zero incentives to expand and diversify our compassion. You are racing for culture creation like “success” without listening to yourself at all.
Suffering as we take part in life now will be unnecessary. In past, a very high percentage of women died from childbirth and mostly your teeth would rot by age 40. So people looked at suffering as something intrinsic to life. Humans in that era were humans because they have no other options. In the future, we could fuse with a superhuman AI mind matrix and upload into our minds whatever we would want to. Upload pain — ok. Disable pain — ok.

Humans will be like squirrels in the national park right now. They are living out their lives and we who take care of the national park don’t intervene with their love affairs or their acorns. But there is a world outside that park which they can’t understand and if they run out to it they can get hit by a truck. So in that comparison, we will be the squirrels with the possibility to upload and join the people and become super-intelligent or you could just remain the squirrel in the park. So now try to just imagine that that kind of intelligence is writing you smart contracts. Do you slowly understand the greatness of the technology you are investing in?
It seems very plausible within a few years of getting human intelligence-level AI. It’s gonna invent all manner of amazing new things. I think it’s important to start giving more value to kindness, compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, and love for all sentient beings and give those positive values in AI as much as we can.

You are now paranoidly thinking that AI would threaten us badly etc. Now stop and think about how we are threatening less intelligent beings. We care about the extinction of species — not as much as we should — but in general, we don’t want to extinct entire species of “subhuman” animals. But we don’t care much about one cow, ship, pig, or wolf. We want AI to be more compassionate to us than we are to each other.

Most of the advanced AI resources are in the hand of corporations that they have their agenda for it. But 99% of the development of AI was done by goodhearted people. But the way that society is organized we take those technologies for selling, spying, gambling, and killing as mentioned before.

We live in corporate socialism where the laws are modified so it makes life easier for multinational corporations. The benefits are always for corporations and never for people.
The internet is not controlled by anyone and it’s not owned by anyone — that’s why Iran despite the sanctions is still on the internet. Linux and other open-source systems started the decentralization of applications. And the whole crypto-economy is part of that world also. Peer-to-peer things are owned by everyone and by no one. The business world of the future is gonna run on smart contracts, encryption, and peer-to-peer base consensus mechanisms. Smart contracts are the thing to create a world of value. Core technologies underline blockchains are gonna pervade everything just like the internet has.

Most of you are not gonna agree that this is gonna happen, but it’s gonna happen anyway.
There will be another option like Amish people who live in Pennsylvania and don’t use electricity a lot. They are farming and live old fashion traditional lifestyle by choice. There will be people who will maintain a traditional lifestyle. Probably that option will stay. Semi-intelligent AI controlled by humans is a scary and dangerous thing. Autonomous AI is different.
Right now cryptocurrencies are highly abused, cause they are used by those kinds of people in power. That usage is mostly for bad intentions. Sometimes humanity needs to go true some learning process — that’s exactly where we are standing now.

We have no idea what is the fundamental basis of our reality. The idea that we are living in some kind of simulation or video game it’s far too simple in my opinion. Reality is far more complex. A lack of our imagination doesn’t even create a good idea of what reality is. Reality is outside of the idea of what reality is. When my dog at home is watching me sitting behind the computer, what did he think I am doing? Am I guarding this physical object of the keyboard? He has no idea what I am doing. He has no idea that I am connected to the vast network of computers around the planet and communicating with other people by text. When you get an AI much smarter than a human being it’s probably gonna perceive aspects of the world that are inaccessible to us. Our scope of cognition is very limited.

The future is here. Educate yourself as much as you can on every level. Learn as much as you can on advanced technologies and social sciences as well. Ignore your emotions and ignore all the noise surrounding you.

AI is happening and this is a collective effort of all of us on the planet cause you as a reader are highly involved in this transition.
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