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Financial literacy

Posted on Jun 02, 2022 By Fit&Beat

You don’t want a better job, you don’t want a better salary, you don’t want more free time, you don’t want to retire as soon as possible. YOU WANT FREEDOM! You want the freedom to say no, you want random days off, you want to put your phone away, you want to go for walks with your dog, you want to play with your kids.

In the world we live in, freedom can be achieved with financial freedom. The condition for achieving financial freedom is financial literacy.

A person can be highly educated, professionally successful, and financially illiterate.

You heard a lot of times, that to get yourself involved in such a space as crypto space is, you have to be brave. In my opinion, that’s the first big obstacle already. It’s a negative mindset and self-doubt. Those are two primary obstacles to success. More than anything it’s important to take action. We are witnessing the biggest money transfer in human history. It’s happening in front of our eyes. And you can be easily part of it. All you need is a smartphone.

When I first get in touch with cryptocurrencies, I realized that I am financially illiterate. And shortly after, I realized that 99% of people are financially illiterate, regardless of their status or education. And probably dear reader, you are also. That’s because you are living in a system cage. Schools, universities, and other institutions are part of that system, and the system is rigged. The system is telling you — to find a job, work hard and you will be secure. The truth is — learn on your own — mind your business and you will be secure. For example — the system never told you what passive income is.

The definition of financial freedom is simple; You have achieved financial freedom when your monthly passive income exceeds monthly costs for living. How to achieve the passive income you are asking yourself? Here come investments in play. I studied all kinds of assets; bonds, stocks, funds, real estate, crypto, etc. Conclusion; there are no comparisons in what crypto investments and especially Defi — decentralized finance, can give you in that sense (in the next posts you will learn more about passive income from crypto). One of the main reasons that decentralized finance is so big a threat to banks are passive incomes! And people will soon realize that. For now only the ones who search for themselves realize that.

One of the basic points of financial literation is also the realization that savers are losers. You work from 9–5, get a salary, take part of it on a saving account, and in the end, you realize you have nothing. With inflation, you have less actually. Cause all fiat currencies; euro, US dollar, British pound, Turkish lira, Venezuelan bolivar, etc are garbage. They are not backed by any commodity and are artificially printed whenever a few people decide to. You don’t decide anything here, no matter your status or education. You don’t decide what’s happening with your money. You don’t even know — the system doesn’t tell you. You are good sheep inside the fence.

Another big point in financial literation is understanding the differences between liabilities and assets. An asset puts money in your pocket. A liability takes money out of your pocket.
There are many new words written above and the theme is sensitive for some, cause their hard-earned money is involved. But it is what it is. The primary difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they manage fear.

I am trying to show you the first steps to financial literacy. Banks/systems are trying to robe you! And all so-called financial advisors are just sellers! They do sell you. They exploit your financial alliteration and ignorance and sell you their product.

My path to financial literacy started with books. I read books from many authors; from Indians, Europeans to Americans, etc.

Let me give you a huge shortcut; the most important and probably the only book for starting your path to financial literacy is without a doubt masterpiece from Robert Kiyosaki — Rich dad poor dad.
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